"A St Mary Mi Come From” annual charity show returns Monday August 5, 2024 to Gray’s Inn Sports Complex, Annotto Bay, St Mary Jamaica.

6/9/23 - Capleton speaks out about passing of manager Mrs Kemp

Greetings, Today is one of the hardest days of my life as I grieve the loss of my 2nd mom, great friend & 1 of the best managers “Mrs Claudette Kemp.” She trod on to zion yesterday and is deeply missed, loved & appreciated.
I knew Mrs Kemp for 30+ years and we initially signed a 1 year management agreement June 2002. She was very intelligent, supportive, loyal with a 43+ year music career and managed me for 21+ years. (CLICK TO READ MORE)
We were very close and people called me her son. There are few female managers in the music industry but Ms Kemp was loved & highly respected by the Rasta community, music producers, promoters, media and fans worldwide.
Mrs Kemp operated my annual charity show (A St Mary Mi Come From) and was also supportive to my family and friends too. No matter if it was a business or personal issue such as the loss of my mother in 2020, I could always rely on Ms Kemp to help me. She was always there during my trials & triumphs and I will forever be grateful. Condolence to her family & give thanks for all your thoughts & prayers. JAH Bless

Capleton MAMA Lives single

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Capleton is a hitmaker and in 1995 his singles: "Tour" peaked at #57 and "Wings of The Morning" peaked at #79 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Read More
Capleton was recognized 3/5/19 by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) for extraordinary impact on the reggae industry as a promoter. SINCE 1998 proceeds from his annual charity show @Astmarymicomefrom assist various charities in St Mary and other parish in Jamaica.

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A wise man once said that a prophet is never honored in his own country. And so it has been with Capleton. While the veteran DJ‚s words and works long ago earned him the title of “The Prophet”, the respect and honor that should rightfully be his have been a long time coming. Anytime you try to uplift righteousness and upliftment of the people them, then you ah go get a fight, says the hottest entertainer in the worldwide reggae fraternity. “Bob Marley come do it and them fight him. And when Bob Marley dead, that’s when they start to endorse him. I already aware of this, I am not unaware. So I know the more them fight I is the more I get stronger” In the fast-moving world of dancehall reggae, fame and success are hard to obtain and easy to lose. Fans can be fickle, and trends change in the blink of an eye, leaving most entertainers with painfully short career spans. Only a rare few can remain relevant from year to year, holding their audience’s attention and leaving them crying for more. His lyrics are deep, precise, and thoughtful. His stage shows are nothing less than dynamic, explosive performances. But his remarkable staying power and longevity may be Capleton’s greatest gift. (CLICK TO READ MORE)

Born Clifton George Bailey III on April 13, 1967, in the rural parish of St. Mary, Capleton earned his future stage name from friends who were so impressed with his sharp reasoning skills that they named him after the most famous lawyer in town. From a tender young age, he was a lover of the traveling sound systems, sneaking out at night to catch the vibes until dawn. But it wasn’t until he turned 18 and moved to Kingston that he was able to realize his destiny. It was Stewart Brown, owner of a Toronto-based sound called African Star, who gave the untested artist his first break, flying him to Canada for a stage show alongside giants like Ninjaman and Flourgon. The audience poured out their appreciation, and he never looked back. When Capleton first burst on the scene in the late 1980s, the dancehall was a very different place than it is today. Slackness and gun talk were the order of the day. This bright promising newcomer announced his arrival with a string of hit songs from “Bumbo Red” to “Number One on the Look Good Chart” and “Lotion Man.” Everything he touched hit the sound-good charts, and the youthful artist with the nimble vocabulary and hardcore voice quickly established himself as one of dancehall‚s most reliable hitmakers. But even he could not have predicted that eleven years later, at the start of the new millennium, he would be dancehall’s ruling voice. “I think the people dem see say me really deserve that because of the amount of years me put in,” Capleton says, “and we never really bow and we still hold the faith. We stand up for whatever we a say. Yeah and we really work for it. And them say by your works, a so you get your pay. The people them see the amount of fight me face and the whole heap of accusation. And me still never give up” . When he dropped the tune “Alms House” in 1992, Capleton established himself as more than an entertainer but as a guiding light of righteousness through music. “United we stand and divided we fall,” he sang for the benefit of his fans and dancehall comrades. “Nuff of them nah go know themself till them back against the wall.” A few years later he came back with yet another antidote to the clashing and rivlary that had taken hold of the dancehall business. “Music is a mission,” he reminded his fellow artists, “not a competition. Some man use the music to cause confusion.” The path of this dancehall Prophet was clearly established in 1994 with a string of songs that declared his newfound faith in Rastafari. “INI sight up the light and see say really, yunno, Rasta is real,” he recalls. “founder of the world, because Rasta did come set the trend. Y‚unnerstand. Rasta is life.” The first words of his mega-hit “Dis The Trinity” made it plain that the DJ had experienced some kind of revelation. “I was once lost but now I‚m found,” he stated, “Selassie I live every time.” Capleton became a strong advocate of the teaching of the Jamaican National Hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and advocate of universal black repatriation. “Babylon rewarded us with hatred for our love,” he declares. “They taught us to rape, steal and kill. For instance, they stole our literature and taught it back to us in a different manner so as to infiltrate our minds with foolishness and other misconceptions. Now we as black men do not see ourselves as prince and prophets, but as punks and guys. Our women do not see themselves as queens, princesses or empresses anymore, but as harlots and concubines.” The only solution, as Bob Marley advocated, is to emancipate oneself from mental slavery. “Over the years INI as a nation and a people, them no really teach INI nuttin‚ bout INI black self. You know I mean? Them teach INI them give we European philosophy. So INI and some other youths a try emerge now, we ask certain question and we ask fi certain things. Caw we know say an institute, or in a college, or in a certain organization we need we Ethiopian curriculum, we need the black man thing. We need to know about weself. Becaw the prophet Marcus Garvey did show we say, A nation without no knowledge of them own history is like a tree without a root. And if you don‚t know where you‚re coming from, you‚re not gonna know where you‚re going.” Even as he uplifts the black race, Capleton always makes a point of clarifying that he does not seek to alienate any race. “We are not being racial nor prejudiced star,” he says. “Becaw we know Jah is for everyone. But where history and prophesy in concerned, that is our witness and we have to be ourself, and we cannot hide from the truth. Caw we woulda be a traitor and a sellout to ourself. And you cannot sell out yourself.” Soon thereafter came the song “Tour” a blazing state of the dancehall report written in the weeks following the slaying of Panhead and Dirtsman, two of Capleton’s fellow artists. That song not only became an anthem of the roots revival within the dancehall, but a hip hop flavored remix of that song hit the Billboard charts, opening up a huge new audience to Capleton’s messages of righteousness. There followed a relationship with Def Jam records, who released two Capleton albums, Prophecy and I-Testament, which featured memorable collaborations with rap stars like Method Man and Q-Tip. Both records were warmly accepted by the international audience, but as the millennium drew to a close, Capleton sensed that it was time to return to his core audience. He had work to do. “I have to be myself, right? And I only can be me,” he reasons. “So whichever way fi make me be me, I work with dat. Y’understand.” Capleton is now at the height of his powers. 1999 and 2000 have brought a ceaseless string of sound system favorite and dancehall chart toppers like the anti-violence anthem “Jah Jah City” and “Good In Her Clothes,” a message of respect for the sisters who carry themselves like Empresses rather than. But even as he completes his mission of upliftment, Capleton has had many critics. One of his biggest hits, in fact, is addressed the naysayers in the press and the ivory towers of power. “Critics won’t leave I alone,” chats the Prophet. “They say they can’t take the fire weh me put pon Rome” Many of Capleton’s songs “and most of his critics” make mention of this blazing fire. Capleton hopes to clear up the confusion once and for all. “Is not really a physical fire. Is really a spiritual fire, and a wordical fire, and a musical fire. You see the fire is all about a livity. But is people get it on the wrong term. People get confused. So when a man say ‘more fire’ him think that mean say you fi go light the cane field or go light the church.” Fire, Capleton explains, is a way of reminding one‚s brother that they are going astray. “That way a man know say him doing something wrong. That even give him the urge to know say Yo check up on yourself. What you’re doing is not right, or else him would not say ‘Fire fi dat,’ or ‘Burn dat’ or ‘More fire.’” “If we go check it back now,” he continues, “fire is for the purification of earth, anyhow you check it. This earth itself have to even emerge from the literal fire also, which is the volcanic activity, we a talk bout lava. The hottest element to rise us in the morning is the sun. The water cleanse, but it’s still the support from the fire that burn the water, burn out of the bacteria so the water coulda heal we fi cleanse. The herb heal, but it’s still the fire fi burn the herb so the herb coulda heal we also.” {Bio is courtesy of Rob Kenner} (



All shows & tour dates posted on this website are subject to change. Please always verify with the promoter & venue. If you would like to book Capleton for your next event CLICK HERE

April 28, 2024 - Caribbean Music Festival - Farley Hill National Park, Barbados

May 4, 2024 - Prudential Foundation Sipe & Paint (Charity Show) - Regardless Manley Centre Kingston Jamaica

May 27, 2024 - City Splash Fest - Brockwell Park, Brixton United Kingdom

June 22, 2024 - Reggae Love Fest - Amerant Bank Arena Miami, Florida

June 27-29th, 2024 - St Kitts Music Festival - Warner Park Cricket Statidum - St Kitts

July 19, 2024 - Reggae Sumfest - Montego Bay Jamaica

August 3, 2024 - Reggae On The River - Humboldt County, California

August 5, 2024 - A St Mary Mi Come From - Grays Inn Sports Complex - Annotto Bay St Mary Jamaica

November 30, 2024 - Reggae Love Fest - Barclay Center Brooklyn, New York



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    Capleton & Buju-This Is How We Roll
    Burn Up feat Borgore
    No More War ft Hattaman
    Samory I, Kabaka Pyramid & Capleton - Wrath
    In My Dreams
    Forever Rise
    My Gun
    Rise & Shine
    Badmind is Active
    Control Your Tempo (Temper)
    My Time Now
    We Nuh Fear Dem
    Where You From - Buju/Capleton/Bounty/DJKhaled




    The Jaria Award Winning Event "A St Mary Mi Come From” annual charity show by Capleton, returns Monday August 5, 2024 to Gray’s Inn Sports Complex, Annotto Bay, St Mary Jamaica. Doors Open 5pm and Showtime: 7pm. Early Bird Tickets $3,500 JMD & VIP Tickets: $8,500 JMD.

    It was first held in 2000 at the Clemhard's Park in Port Maria before moving to James Bond Beach in Oracabessa. It eventually outgrew the venue when it matured into a concert featuring some of the top reggae and dancehall artist at the Gray’s Inn Sports Complex for several years.

    Capleton was recognized 3/5/19 by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) for extraordinary impact on the reggae industry as a promoter. Since 1998 proceeds from @Astmarymicomefrom assist various charities in St Mary and other parish in Jamaica. In 2006 Capleton’s manager, Claudette Kemp, said ‘A St Mary Me Come From’ “marks Capleton’s contribution to the community”, naming the Port Maria Hospital (a new X-Ray machine), Islington High School (a computer lab) and the Annotto Bay Hospital ($500,000jmd) to build a waiting area for patients), Port Maria Primary School, the St. Mary Police Youth Club netball and football teams, Mothers In Crisis among the numerous beneficiaries over the years.

    The Social Development Commission (SDC) in Jamaica gave Capleton the Entertainment Award of Excellence for outstanding contribution in community development 2016. Capleton won “Marcus Garvey Humanitarian Award” at the 32nd Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) May 4th in Florida for his outstanding contributions to charity using funds raised at his annual Benefit concert, A St Mary Mi Come From. Capleton won the “SPIRITUAL SERVICE THRU MUSIC AWARD” @ 29th Int’l Reggae & World Music Awards Sunday May 2, 2009 @ YORK COLLEGE – Queens, New York.

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