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THEY CALL HIM ‘King’, ‘King Shango’, ‘Prophet’, and even ‘Almighty’. Many have qualms over these titles people have given him, but Capleton holds a distinct place in the history of Jamaica’s dancehall.

24 Nov 2009

REIGN OF FIRE – Capleton still blazes

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Capleton crosses borders from St Mary into Portland By Basil Walters, Observer staff reporter – Monday, June 29, 2009
Capleton, the top-flight cultural deejay known as the Fyah Man, is this year extending his flames of charity across the borders of his native parish of St Mary into Portland. For the past several years, the committed Rastafarian entertainer, also called The Prophet, not only slew Babylon, but has been living the creed of his faith: “Let the children cared for, the aged be protected and the hungry be fed.”

24 Nov 2009

Capleton crosses borders from St Mary into Portland

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Capleton makes a cameo appearance in film “MADE IN JAMAICA”
“Made in Jamaica” is a powerful portrait of the leaders of the reggae music Movement, and how Reggae has become a worldwide phenomenon. The film showcases performances by the best Reggae and Dance Hall artists ever assembled. From their native ghetto to international fame, “Made in Jamaica” is the story of the artists who represent the Jamaican Dream.

23 Nov 2009


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Below is a list of Capleton’s most demanded dubs/songs. Which is your favorite and why?

19 Nov 2009

Top 100 Most Requested Dubplates!

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Along with Buju Banton and Sizzla, Capleton spearheaded dancehall’s return to reggae tradition, tackling Rastafarian spiritual themes and using classic roots reggae as a musical foundation. His lyrics are deep, precise, and thoughtful. His stage shows are nothing less than dynamic, explosive performances. But his remarkable staying power and longevity may be Capleton’s greatest gift.

9 Aug 2009

One Love Festival Tour 2009

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