24 Feb 2010

Capleton Press Release 2/22/10

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For Immediate Release (Kingston, Jamaica)- February 22, 2010
“For as long as I live, I will give and forgive and do good as long as I can……” from Capleton’s “Head Above Water”
International Jamaican Reggae superstar Capleton has once again become the target of the gay community and the organization GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) in response to his concert and festival bookings in California and Florida this month.

They have once again used their strong arm tactics to intimidate concert promoters and venue owners putting misinformation in the public about the artiste to further their own agendas. Capleton is very disappointed that his many fans (that cross all races and creeds) have not been able to see him at his scheduled shows in California this past week. He has performed at the same venues and festivals over the past two years with no incident bringing a message of love for all through Reggae music. The barrage of protest from these groups is unwarranted and has been addressed many times in the media in the past. The artiste has a forgiving heart for what has been done to him and will continue on the high path.

Capleton will continue to spread a positive and spiritual message through music to the four corners of the Earth and continue to stand firm that universal love can unite all mankind. Capleton will be performing this coming Saturday, February 27 in Miami, Florida at the annual Bob Marley Day / Caribbean Festival 2010 and will be featuring his new song “Haitians” in tribute and support to the earthquake victims on the island of Haiti.

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