14 May 2018

Capleton Speaks After release on bail 5/14/18 about Allegations by Adult Female (Click to Read)

Author: webmaste | Filed under: News

I vehemently deny all accusations of sexual misconduct and do not condone crime or violence against women or anyone. I’m the target of an extortion scheme and my lawyers and I presented evidence to the authorities to fight this false accusation.

I’m an entertainer for 30+ years, blessed with a career and opportunity to tour the world, promote reggae music, help people and serve as a positive role model.  I’m also a father with daughters that understand the responsibility of a role model and would never do anything to hurt anyone or jeopardize my career.

I always advocate for women’s rights and empowerment thru my music, company employees and charity endeavors.  “A St Mary Mi Come From” serves as a platform for new artist to showcase their talent and gives back to hospitals, schools, community centers, youth clubs, police associations for the past 13 years. Some of these institutions are operated by remarkable women, that I respect and will continue to support.

I have faith in JAH that justice will prevail and give thanks for all your support.